Feb 2, 2008


Not only is Carter in love with Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he also took The Janitor's Boy to school and finished it. But, he left it there so I can't finish it yet, so we can't have our book club dinner yet. But, tonight as he sat in the kitchen reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (I know you will get tired of reading about this book, but my son who is a reluctant reader at best, LOVES it. So, I would love it even if it was trash, but it isn't, it's awesome) he said that he loves reading this book because we have something to talk about. So, even though The Janitor's Boy was our first official book club book, Diary was certainly our first book club discussion. I am so amazed (grateful, ecstatic, happy, relieved) that we connected like this over a book. I am going to write the author. Now.

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