Oct 31, 2006

Young Adult and Children Books That ROCK!!!

ANTHONY HOROWITZ--If you have a boy, read the Alex Rider books. They made a movie of the first one that bombed and I am so disappointed. I had high hopes. Anyway, don't let the reflect the books because they are fantastic. The first one is Stormbreaker.

GARY PAULSEN--Hatchet is essential. For boys mostly, but girls do enjoy it. Gary Paulsen had written a bunch and they are all great, but Hatchet and it's sequels remain the tops.

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall--by far my favorite book of last year. So sweet and so good. It's just a good book.

Peter and the Star Catchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson--okay, this is a prequel to Peter Pan and it is so good. Just one of my favorite all time books.

The Secret Language of Girls by Frances O’Raork Dowell--This is is such a good books about girls growing up and hitting that stage where the old things are not cool and you have to change to keep up or not and get left behind.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson--I have to include this because it is such a good book and they made a movie out of it that does not look like it is following the book and I will be so upset if it doesn't end like the book because the ending is what makes this book so meaningful!

*A Wrinkle in Time--So wonderful! I never got this read until I was in my twenties and was so sorry I waited so long.

**Since I want to get this posted I am going to stop here. I don't like the idea of you getting your reading ideas from others, that's my thing. I will periodically post for you!**

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