About Me, Review Guide And Policy

After tutoring and teaching kindergarten for many years it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I like kids, I LOVE books--the perfect job for me:  a school librarian.
I was a librarian at an elementary school for two years then I moved up to a middle school and have been there the past six years.  It is the perfect job for me--middle grade and young adult books to read and give to others to read!
Imagine if you could go to work each day and be surrounded by something you love so much...

Email me if you have questions or comments--I would love to hear from you!  janawarnell(at)hotmail(dot)com

Review Guide & Policy:

I am a middle school librarian and am so lucky to be "required" to read middle grade through young adult books to fit the needs of my school.  It is wonderful.  

At this time I am not taking books for reviews.  I will update this page when I am once again able to take more books for review.

I am committed to reading (and reviewing) as many young adult and middle grade books as I can from all sources (sent to me by publicists, egalleys, checked out from my public library or books I have bought for my middle school library).  I don't get everything I am sent read but I do make time to go through each book to see if it is suitable for my library collection.

I am not accepting submissions for guest posts unless I have been contacted by a publicist or am reviewing your book for a publisher.  Thanks!

5 cookies: such good cookies I cannot even stop eating them!
4 cookies: a great after school snack, flavorful and satisfying.
3 cookies: good, especially dunked in milk or coffee.
2 cookies: might be worth a try, but not my favorite recipe.
1 cookie: dry and pretty tasteless
0 cookie: I think someone burnt these.

*reviewing is not my strong point. I mostly just want to get titles out there to connect a person with a book they might not have otherwise heard of!

*you will not see any 0 or 1 cookies reviews (probably not any 2 reviews either) simply because I don't normally finish a book I am not connecting with.  If I finish it, it is normally going to be at least a 3 cookie book.