Oct 22, 2013

The Autumn of Stops & Starts

That sounds like a great book title, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, it's my life.  With Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my ipad, new TV to watch and sleep to be had I am having a hard time sticking with a finishing any books!  Currently I am in the midst of six different books.  SIX!!  I just have a hard time focusing.  Tonight my youngest son is going to an audition for a play, it's in a town about 20 mins away and it will take about an hour and a half.  So, theoretically I should get a book done and into another, but I will probably just fall asleep.  Anyway, here's what I have started.


  1. Bummmer!!
    Are any audios?

    1. I read a great review of the audio for Okay For Now, so I have that on hold from my public library. I am also going to try Cinder. But mostly in the fall I listen to spooky old time radio shows!

  2. But, Plants vs Zombies is such fun...hope you get some reading time in anyways. Always enjoy the reviews.