Sep 23, 2011

My Week in Books

Something like this should be all I need to say:
I mean, a new Shel Silverstein poetry book?! I didn't think it would happen (due to his untimely, so sad death). But it is out and I am thrilled with it. I ran to Costco and bought three copies for my library and one for myself. Shel Silverstein poetry books are still highly circulated in all the libraries I have worked in--even middle school! And as if that wasn't thrilling enough...

My first order of books for my library came in this week. It is a kick-ass order. So many good books!
This is just one side of my order.

However, here's my question. I ordered The House of Night Series because I have so many kids that were wanting to read it. One person expressed concern over the appropriateness for middle school readers. I haven't read them so tell me. Are they ok for middle school?


  1. I haven't read them, but I've seen them recommended for age 13 and older on blurbs. :-)

  2. I'm very excited about your new books and it spurred me on to complete my first order. It is a lot like Christmas, I agree.

    I couldn't believe it when I heard there was a new Shel Silverstein book out...I don't have it yet though.

    Glad to hear you are back in the groove.

  3. It was so fun because I had the new Shel Silverstein book on my desk and I had so many kids put their names on the waiting list when they saw it. Fun to see middle schoolers as excited as I was!

  4. That is an epic sight indeed. ROCK ON YOU! And sadly, I can't help about the Night series.