Apr 16, 2009

Literary Crushes

Earlier I did a post on daughters from literature I would want. You'd think that I would do one about sons I would want, but since a fellow librarian and I recently got into an disussion about why she loves Edward Cullen so much I have been thinking of literary crushes--the books you read with boys that brought a little flush to your cheeks. Although there are several contemporary fiction crushes I am going to start at the beginning--my first literary crush that I can remember (I also cannot count Mr. Darcy because I never read the book, but man do I love that Colin Firth version!):

Henry Huggins: Even though I read the books about Henry, I don't think my crush started until he rescued Ramona from the mud in Ramona the Pest. What a guy--getting muddy for an annoying kindergarten. Sigh!

Peter Pan: (the one from Peter and the Starcatchers) Peter is always crushworthy--the mischieviousness, the never growing up, the flying. The Peter in Peter and the Starcatchers is also noble.

Alex Rider: of all the "super" hero type boy books out there recently (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl--all whom are very crushworthy) I have to say that Alex rises to the top for me. There is something so damaged about him that makes him attractive. He doesn't want to be a spy, but he is so darn good at it! And always the search for answers! He is very much James Bond for the young set.

Po: Okay, this one is very contemporary (just published this year), but who, reading Graceling, doesn't think of Po in a romantic way. Who isn't jealous that Katsa gets to be with him? Be honest... I also want to hit Katniss (from The Hunger Games) over the head for not loving Peeta or recognizing that he loves her. How could she be so stupid?!

Gilbert Blythe: I think that this sentence from the Anne of Green Gables movie website sums up my feelings about Gilbert:
"Any female fan of Anne of Green Gables has, at some point, wished for her very own Gilbert Blythe: a strong, loyal young man who will stay with her through thick and thin."
And he never gave up on her. No matter how much she fought loving him (or just fought him) he never gave up! When have you experienced that kind of devotion?

Stefan: (from The Vampire Diaries) The books were re-released due to the succes of Twilight and very many readers are disappointed with them. But, when they first came out I was in high school (I think) and these books started my love affair with vampires. I looked for anything and everything from this author for years! The love he felt for Elena, the torture he felt at being a vampire--it's got it all! I also loved his brother, Damon, who loved being a vampire. They are making a TV series out of these books and I for one am looking forward to some young vampire angst (if it actually airs)! Also, the books take about a minute to read. I haven't re-examined them because I have such fond memories and I dont' want to spoil that! (Plus the original covers they came out with are way better than the new ones).

These are the glaring examples that stick out in my mind. There are also numerous crushes from the dozens of Silhouette for Teens type books I used to read. I also know that the minute I post this more will come to mind, but these are the ones that came to mind first! What were yours?

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  1. Oh yes, nice list! I would indeed like a Gilbert Blythe please!